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SSP teams up with Percayso to broaden its data enrichment capabilities

SSP has announced a new partnership with insurance intelligence provider, Percayso Inform, to broaden its data enrichment capabilities offered to its clients.
percayso inform


The new data intelligence service from Percayso Inform will initially be available to SSP’s associated brokers for private motor and commercial vehicles. It is anticipated that the service will be further extended into home business later in 2022.

Percayso Inform provides data enrichment, sourcing data relevant to the client’s needs whilst its platform is capable of handling tens of millions of hits per day. SSP-affiliated brokers will now have secure access to data and insights in a fraction of a second at point of quote, which helps them identify fraud, and offer more accurate and competitive pricing, improving brokers’ efficiency and autonomy via the API connectivity.

Percayso Inform Managing Director, Rich Tomlinson, said:

“Our data intelligence platform takes the use of data to the next level, sourcing information from a whole range of new and often unique sources such as the Vulnerability Registration Service. This allows us to deliver even more powerful customer insight and so we’re delighted to partner with SSP to make it easier for their clients to support their own pricing and fraud strategies and ultimately improve their loss ratios, conversions or customer value.”

Capable of handling tens of millions of hits per day, the Percayso Inform platform will enable insights to be generated in a fraction of a second, at point of quote, to inform business decisions in real time via API connectivity with the SSP Broking platform.

Director of Broking, Peter Gregory, adds:

“SSP are extremely proud to build a new relationship with Percayso Inform. This will positively improve the insurance journey for our brokers, allowing them to offer better private and commercial quotes and prices.  Throughout the negotiations, it’s clear that Percayso’s unique set of data enrichment alongside our own will mean brokers will need to spend less time analysing and have more time maintaining their autonomous and credible capabilities. We are thrilled to have Percayso Inform onboard as a new partnership and look forward to further discussions on other integrations in the future to ensure further product evolution.”